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Pattaya Hotel Page10

Beach Road Soi10 : Page10
Page 10 is a hotel to become Beach Rd Soi 10.
It is also a 5-minute walk to the beach and the Central Festival will also take you to Sonthou and arrive in 3 minutes.
It is a modern and clean luxury hotel

Page 10 Hotel Pattaya - The best hotel in soi 10 for ~$50 a night? (Girl Friendly!)

Is Page 10 the best girl friendly hotel in Soi 10 Pattaya? For this stay I paid $52 usd booked via Agoda:\u0026cid=1830910\u0026hid=234459

Page 10 hotel is located in central Pattaya. Prices start from $40-60 USD per night depending on the season.

Full review from including breakfast can be found:

"Is Page 10 Hotel Pattaya guest friendly?"
Yes, no extra charges if you bring a visitor to your room.

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Page10 Hotel Pattaya

Page10 Hotel Pattaya
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