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Turbo & External - Anatomy #1

Ολα οσα πρεπει να ξερεις για το συστημα εξαγωγης των τουρμπο αυτοκινητων. Απο τι αποτελειτε και πως δουλευει ενα τουρμπο, το Internal ή το external.

Αν μεσα απο αυτο το βιντεο δεν καλυψαμε ολες σου τις αποριες ή με καποιο τροπο σου δημιουργησαμε καινουργιες μη διστασεις να τις γραψεις απο κατω σε σχολιο. Επισης, αν βρηκες αυτο το βιντεο χρησιμο και ενδιαφερον μοιρασου το με τους φιλους σου!

Σε αυτη τη σειρα επεισοδιων θα κανουμε ανατομια σε ολα τα μερη ενος αυτοκινητου, θα σας δειξουμε αναλυτικα απο τι αποτελουντε καθως και τον τροπο που λειτουργουν.

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NEUROQ - External Intention

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The Best External SSDs in 2020 for Windows, Mac or Consoles - 13 Different Models Tested

Looking for an External SSD? You should probably watch this! Shopping links below!
If you enjoyed this, please like the video and leave a comment :)
Sponsor: Check out the Cooler Master MM711 Mouse: https://geni.us/wBeys

The following are my recommendations based on current pricing (May 2020). Keep in mind prices can change from day to day, that's why I list a few top picks and you can compare on the day you're shopping. (These links are affiliate links)

Best affordable external SSDs:
#1 - Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD https://geni.us/EuImoNh
#2 - Samsung T5 Portable SSD https://geni.us/tAb3EZ
#3 - Seagate Barracuda Fast SSD https://geni.us/EAL3

Fastest external (USB) SSDs:
#1 - Crucial X8 Portable SSD https://geni.us/6jGNJAA
#2 - Sandisk Extreme PRO Portable SSD https://geni.us/jDGHtAg
#3 - Transcend ESD350C https://geni.us/N8lnM

Best external SSD for Encryption:
#1 - Samsung T7 Touch https://geni.us/A5vzUkv

Thunderbolt 3 SSDs:
#1 - Sabrent Rocket XTRM (for speed) https://geni.us/Vr8o
#2 - Samsung X5 (for encryption) https://geni.us/BPScJCt

Other SSD's discussed in the video:
Lacie Portable SSD https://geni.us/G1fO
HyperX Savage Exo https://geni.us/q1SohsT
WD My Passport SSD https://geni.us/SsAuw6
Minix Neo Storage https://geni.us/YtNZ

- All USB SSDs were tested on an ASUS Maximus XI Gene motherboard with Intel Core i9-9900K in Windows 10. All Thunderbolt SSDs were tested on a Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Xtreme with i9-9900K in Windows 10.
- All USB SSDs except for the Minix Neo Storage also work fine on a Playstation. Playstation 4 users should follow my recommendations for the best affordable SSDs. I don't have an Xbox One to test with unfortunately.
- On the Thunderbolt SSDs. Note these file copies were started after the drive was hot and the thermal measurement was done with a probe. The FLIR image and the copy window serve as a visual cue of the effect only!
- Many test results don't make it into the video to prevent clutter. If there are any questions, ask!

0:00 - Introduction, Why get an SSD?
1:32 - Explaining the various SSD categories
3:56 - Affordable USB (SATA) SSDs
6:19 - Fast USB (NVMe) SSDs
9:21 - Thunderbolt 3 SSDs
11:54 - Summary - My recommendations in each category

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/techtesters.eu/
Twitter (Nada) - https://twitter.com/NadaOverbeeke
Twitter (Stephan) - https://twitter.com/Foritain

- Some of these products were store bought, others provided by their respective manufacturers. Either way, no manufacturer got any say in this review.
- Amazon links I provide are (typically) affiliate links. Using these does not cost you anything at all. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This means they do provide me with a small commission when you decide to buy a product at no cost to you.

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