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My Life is Reese's Pieces

Teespring Merch:\r
Voiced by the Minute Hour, check out his channel:
My life is Reese's Pieces
Don't want your candy corn
Eat the fun dip, I can feel my heart beating
Crush rockets, time to snort

Happy Halloween! This was a collaboration between me and the Minute Hour. Check out his fantastic recordings and animated projects on Youtube:
And on the web:
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Dread the Slammer

Music + Goodies:\r
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Music in this Video~ Fourth of the Earth:
Combined, we are. Perfect lines. Harmony.
We share a mind. A Synchronicity.
From dilution cost, hopes and dreams are lost.
Fear does remain. Our enemy we blame.
Above all else. We dread of the slammer.
For if he were to striketh us. We flip.
Then, the wake that follows may change us all.
Voice generated with Replica Studios software. Try it out for free:

Music Credits~\r
Track title: Fourth of the Earth
Artist: Hexsystem (it's my music under this name)
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Interface | Episode 21 | Restoration

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Mr. Greetings is interviewed on television, and describes the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943 that he witnessed that motivated him to start his company. He is leading the pack with the restoration, but perhaps there is another motive that he is not revealing?

Voice Credits~
Philip Hersh, Mr. Greetings

Libby Brien, Interviewer

3D Models~
Bell P-59 AiraComet by Baranger Emmanuel

Additional Animations by Karolina Szablewska
Art Website:

All Interface music is original to the series, and are currently available as early access tracks on Patreon. Thank you so much for helping make these animations possible.

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